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Test and Appointment $599 *Lab draw not included, approx. $25 fee

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If you cannot figure out why you are gaining weight or can no longer shed pounds easily like you used to – despite your best efforts to eat right, exercise, and take your vitamins every morning – you might be walking around with a hormone imbalance that has you hardwired to put on pounds.

Even when we think we’re being healthy, hormonal triggers to unwanted weight gain are too often neglected or overlooked. Weight gain can contribute to hormone imbalance or be a result of hormone imbalance.  It can also create inflammation in the body and put stress on our other organs.  Testing can help you find the answer, can reveal any increased health risks you may have and provide the ability to develop a truly personalized plan.  

This package provides you with a specialty kit that you can take to a lab near you to get your blood drawn for approximately $25. (Check your local lab for exact blood draw cost.) Tests included are: Complete Blood Count, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Thyroid Markers, Hormone Markers, Morning Cortisol, Inflammatory Markers (hs-CRP, Homocysteine, Ferritin, Myeloperoxidase, Total IgG, total IgM), Glycemic Control (Insulin, Fasting Glucose, GSP, Leptin, Adiponectin, HgbA1c), Advanced Lipid Profile (LDL, HDL, TG, ApoB, ox-LDL, Lp(a)), Nutrition Panel (vitamin D, B12, Folate) and a 45 minute visit with our Functional Medicine provider.

What to expect during your visit:

Your lab results will be reviewed with you by our Functional Medicine provider where she will explain in detail what your current lab values mean and will provide you with a personalized strategy to optimize your hormone levels, decrease inflammation, manage lipids and address your symptoms.  During your visit with our provider, she will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms, lifestyle, diet, activity and stress levels.  Please bring a 3 day food journal to your appointment.

You will be sent an email to register for our online portal where you will be asked to update your profile including current medications, supplements, allergies and past medical history.  Please complete this information at least 24 hours prior to your visit.