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Helping clients with care, commitment, and compassion.

Your wellness is our passion. With efficient, simple, and affordable services, we empower people to be proactive in their approach to health today and beyond.

With ERLY Wellness, you’re in good hands.

As a trusted wellness resource for our clients and community, our mission is to make every client feel comfortable and well cared for while achieving their wellness goals.

Our Story

“We have always gone above and beyond in helping our clients not only with screenings but assisting them in their next steps through education and valuable resources,” the co-founders shared. “We care, we listen, and we always follow through—that’s the ERLY promise.”

Angelique Scibetta & Janique Cook,

Why ERLY Wellness?


Our clients can count on us to be transparent in how our services can help and benefit them. By offering trustworthy and reliable guidance, we go the extra mile to help in their wellness journey.


We care about our clients first and foremost. From your first phone call with us, to your appointment and beyond, you will see that we listen, we help, we follow through.


We are committed to helping our clients improve their health and well-being. We are there with you from start to finish.

Meet our caring and compassionate team.

Co-Owner/Certified Clinical Thermographer

Janique Cook

Growing up with chiropractor parents it was inevitable that I would be involved in holistic health. I started out as a massage therapist, then a chiropractic office manager, and ultimately a clinical thermographer and co-founder of ERLY Wellness.

My mother’s breast cancer experience introduced me to thermography and I immediately became passionate about sharing it with others. I am so happy that all our hard work and efforts have been able to help so many people over the years. Our ERLY team is an amazing group of women, family, and friends, that genuinely care about each other and our clients, and I am grateful to work with them every day.

Outside of work, my daughter and hubby are my everything. I love traveling with our tiny camper to the beach, campfires and star gazing, and I am always looking for new adventures to share as a family. Bread and cheese, football Sundays, red lipstick, flowers of any kind, Disney World, and any kind of animal are some of my simple pleasures in life.

Co-Owner/Certified Clinical Thermographer

Angelique Scibetta

Prior to ERLY Wellness, I spent several years as a legal assistant but hesitated to pursue more training to become a paralegal. It was around that time I was invited by my very dear friend, Janique, to enter the holistic healthcare world. This new path led us to start our own mobile company, ERLY Wellness.

I’m so proud of what we’ve built since then. We are a thoughtful company with a peaceful environment and dynamite team offering a service that has the potential to impact so many lives.

On top of that, I’m so happy with how we’ve created it – by including family and friends we trust, admire and love. I am grateful to these caring girls for their cheerful attitude, hard work and good humor. It means so much to me that they are always ready to help improve and grow because, at the end of the day, they truly see this company as a family.

I believe that there’s more happiness in giving, and working with people gives you the opportunity to smile, to be kind, and to listen. Health challenges can cause so much anxiety, it’s rewarding to help others gain some peace of mind.

Outside of work, my husband and two little girls are my joy. My husband and I met when we were just 13, and he is my most favorite person in the world! We love finding ways to spend time helping others as a family. Some of my favorite things in life are tea and toast with the BBC, playing the ukulele, lots of sunshine and being by the ocean.

Office Manager/Director of Marketing; Certified Clinical Thermographer

Amy Moore

Before ERLY Wellness, I got my BA in marketing and spent 15 years as an advertising executive in the Atlanta ad agency world.

Having grown up in the natural health world, I was interested in transitioning into a field where I felt I could really help make a difference in people’s lives. I’ve always appreciated natural health and what it can do to help people in a safe and non-invasive way. ERLY Wellness offered me the opportunity to not only help women improve their health in a truly amazing way, but to also utilize my experience in marketing to help continue growing the business. It’s been a wonderful mix of both worlds!

Outside of work, family is everything to me, including our white lab Addie, who’s the real lady of the house. I love to travel with my husband and making homemade pasta and my grandmother’s Italian meatballs and sauce for Sunday dinner. If you need me, we’re usually working on our home, our forever project that we love.

Administrative Assistant / Certified Clinical Thermographer

Alia Faber

Before I started at ERLY Wellness, I worked as a dental assistant. Afterall, the mouth is “the gateway to the entire body”.

I was looking for an environment in which I was constantly learning and helping other people in their natural health journeys. From personal experience, I knew that traditional, Western medicine / testing was not always the answer, and sometimes each person needs to dig deeper to find something that works for them. Our clients dig deep, and I love it. My husband and I live a very health-conscious but balanced lifestyle, so I’m able to relate to and learn from each and every client I speak with. ERLY offered such a flexible schedule and made it clear that family would always come first. It was refreshing to find a company who actually showed kindness, compassion, and consideration to their employees as well as each individual client.

Outside of work, something interesting about me is that I can speak Mandarin Chinese, though admittedly not very well. After several years of learning, I continue to take weekly lessons to improve my grammar and widen my vocabulary.

On top of that, I feel that creative outlets are so important, and while I’ve been around the artsy/crafting block, I always come back to painting. There’s something genuinely therapeutic to be able to feel the paint under the brush, to see the emotions in the colors and to eventually see a piece that’s complete in front of you.

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Emily Buchan

Prior to ERLY Wellness, I worked as an office assistant for an IT company.

However, I have always been holistically minded (shout out to my grandma for instilling this in me at a young age), so I was initially drawn to thermography because I felt it aligned with the principles I lead in my life.

For the past 5.5 years, I’ve enjoyed meeting like-minded individuals and helping to provide an important service that can make a difference in their lives. I feel like I’ve become friends with so many of our clients.

On my off day, you can find me at a thrift store or antique shop. I love searching for old treasures, as long as I have a coffee and audiobook on hand. Also, I’m currently taking sewing classes!

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Wendy Scibetta

Before I joined ERLY Wellness, my passion was (and still is) creating things, so for many years I had a crafting business and worked as an interior design assistant.

I live a health conscious and holistic lifestyle, so providing a service to women that aligns with these choices with ERLY was a great fit for me. Over the years, I've discovered that we have the best clients. I’m always learning something from them, and I hope they are able to learn something from me.

Outside of work, I enjoy gardening and cooking - two of my passions that I love to share with friends and family. Also, I’m a long time dog lover who is now a newly converted cat lady. What can I say, one sweet kitty won me over a few years ago, and now I have three!

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Hannah Brupbacher

Prior to ERLY Wellness, I wore many hats. For 7 years, I was a nanny/Girl Friday for a beautiful family in Atlanta. Then, I started my own business building and selling one of a kind, custom furniture and light fixtures.

However, I wanted to start working in the holistic medical field. ERLY's ability to help people be proactive and preventative with their health appealed to me, instead of the old paradigm of treating symptoms with bandaids of medication. I love that thermography helps to promote a healthy lifestyle in people’s lives before “problems” arise.

Outside of work, rock climbing is my favorite activity on the planet, coupling strength, focus, & calmness. Beekeeping is definitely a close second, also requiring focus and calmness (with 1000s of stinging insects buzzing around you). I love that beekeeping provides a glimpse into how our beautiful earth is a finely tuned system designed to work together for us to enjoy.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Jordan Swenn

Prior to ERLY Wellness, I worked as a solo ultrasound technician for a corporate company for several years and obtained ultrasound credentials awarded by American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

I came to ERLY Wellness originally because I wanted to work for a company that has similar values and that exemplifies good ethical practices.

Outside of work, I am super excited to have a baby boy on the way. Also, I love hiking with my dog, riding my bike, and yoga.

Certified Clinical Thermographer

Dayna Park

Prior to ERLY, I was a PRN who was working, and is still currently working, as a home health nurse. I received my nursing degree in December of 2005, and I have worked in Medical/Surgical, Urgent Care, Family Medicine and Home health ever since.

Having been introduced to thermography, I quickly learned what a valuable asset it is to the detection of many forms of health problems. The team made me feel right at home and it has been such a refreshing change from the stress of being a nurse.

Outside of work, I absolutely love playing golf with my husband and friends! I would play every day if I could. I also love taking our camper out for long weekend trips with our puppies.

Accounting / Certified Clinical Thermographer

Brandy Jackovitch

Prior to ERLY, I worked as a buyer for a luxury store. However, I started in the holistic healthcare world 20 years ago working with my sister Angelique and our friend Janique.

I especially love ERLY's offering of thermography, and it is amazing knowing we are offering a service that is not readily available in the medical field.

Outside of work, I enjoy mountain biking with my husband and dream of taking a trip to ride out West. I have a maltipoo fur baby named Fig who brings me joy each and every day.

Back Office Assistant / Certified Clinical Thermographer

Loren Scibetta

Before I joined ERLY Wellness, I worked as an x-ray technologist. However, I developed an interest in thermography after it detected my uncle's breast cancer.

I love being able to work in a space and at a company that has the potential to impact people's lives in such a huge way.

Outside of ERLY, I am a prolific reader and love watching game shows and The Great British Bake Off.

We’re part of thousands of wellness stories.

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"I am thankful for the professionalism that I received from the staff who performed my full body thermography. They were on time, ready for my appointment, and considerate of my personal space. The report came to my email very quickly, providing me with peace that there were thankfully no abnormalities. I would recommend this to friends and family and it’s a great way to have a full view of your body without being exposed to radiation."


"My thermography sessions were very pleasant experiences. I found both Wendy and Jordan to be respectful and professional. My experience was not in the least bit embarrassing because they were both very discreet and compassionate! I would highly recommend ERLY Wellness!"


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"I have been going to ERLY Wellness annually since 2012. It gives me peace of mind to be able to get checked annually, safely and gently, and with no radiation. I like that it is so convenient, takes such a short amount of time and without having to drive too far! The results have been so helpful to keep track of my health, and I am confident knowing that I will likely find any issues early. The clinicians are always so friendly and kind and make me feel so comfortable. I have happily recommended ERLY Wellness to my friends and my family members and will continue to do so."


"Thermography has been an important aspect of monitoring my breast health for over 16 years. It is a very reliable technology that I highly recommend to women around the globe. ERLY Wellness has taken their services one step further by adding ultrasound screenings. This two step screening process gives you an added edge to support your preventive approach to breast health."


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